Responsibilities and Benefits

Responsibilities of Visiting Professors


A “Visiting Professor” must be a Tenure-Track Faculty (a professor, an associate professor, an assistant professor or
people with equivalent professional and technical post) in a world-class university who would like to visit and develop
scientific research.

Visiting Professors should accomplish all of the work regulated in the contract. There are two types of visiting
professors. Some visiting professors can be only engaged in scientific research, while others may be required to take up
responsibilities of both teaching and scientific research, in which case teaching must be done strictly in English according to
the training program of USTC for undergraduate and graduate students apart from scientific research. Applicants can choose
one of them based on their own needs and desires.



Salary and Benefits of Visiting Professors

(A) Round-trip cost to/from China (economy class)

(B) Salary




45000  Yuan/month


Assistant Professor

31500  Yuan/month


(C) On-campus accommodation provided over the course of the contract


(D) Teaching Allowance (for visiting professors engaged in both teaching and scientific researches)



Associate Professor


Teaching Allowance

(USD/credit hour)







(1) The salary and benefits are to be paid according to the actual work days in USTC. (The arrival day and the
   departure day are counted as one day.)

(2) Traveling, medical or other insurances shall be taken by visiting professors.

(3) The actual payment of teaching allowance shall be checked by the Office of Teaching Affairs/the
   Graduate School according to course evaluation.