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Public Service

1. Library

Library privileges include borrowing of books, access to academic resources, printing academic materials, and using study

2. Campus Card.

Entitlement to a multi-utility campus card to eat in school cafeterias or make purchases from campus stores, to borrow
books, swipe-in to attend meetings or enter university premises and to avail rides on school buses.


3. Banking

Enjoyment of a bank account for personal banking such as bank transfers, online and mobile banking and currency exchange is made available.

4. Dining halls.  

An assortment of dining halls for meals and for hosting banquets is located in all the campuses. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks, cakes and other specialties are served.)

5. Fitness Center.

A work-out center fitted with fitness equipment such as treadmill, elliptical trainer and LAT pulldown is located on East


6. Supermarkets

On campus mini-supermarkets that sell food, groceries, laundry items, toiletries and personal care products, bedclothes, stationery, clothing and more.


7. Timetable of USTC School Bus

A school bus system that provides transport between three campuses at set times, can be taken at designated school bus

8. Network & Information Center

The Center provides campus network account opening and maintenance, especially school e-mail account and BBS opening and maintenance services. It is also the place to apply for campus card and to put money into it.