Responsibilities and Benefits


The approved English-Taught Program courses should be submitted to the Division of Educational Management for unified courses arranging. If courses failed to be unified arranged, such courses shall not be supported by English-Taught Program.

Based on training program of USTC, all teachers shall develop English educational   activities in
foundation courses and specialized courses. All courses shall be taught in English in all aspects of
teaching (including teaching materials, handouts, supplemental materials, board-writing, homework,
tests and exams). Also, teachers shall provide students with direction and help.

In accordance with teaching requirements, teachers shall give students necessary explanations on
course outline, textbooks, after-class reading and homework before selecting courses and learning. All
textbooks selected shall be original English books which are commonly used by world-class universities.
Also, textbook contents shall be completely in conformity with teaching contents. If not fully
conforming,teachers shall refer to other materials or compile relevant English materials.Reference
materials shall be matched with textbooks.

When the course ends, the relevant courseware, outlines, assignments, test papers and other
teaching materials shall be presented to schools for filing.

Teachers of English-Taught Program should be approved international teachers or teachers from


Teaching Allowance

(A)For international teachers: (before taxes)


Associate Professor


Teaching Allowance

(USD/credit hour)





(B)For teachers of USTC: (before taxes)

200 RMB/credit hour