In the context of changing international developments USTC has, since 2013, advanced the idea of “English-Taught
Program” which is committed to the mission of cultivating scientific elitists with global competitiveness and accelerating the
construction of a world-class university. This program is jointly directed, coordinated and implemented by the Office of
International Cooperation, the Graduate School and the Office of Teaching Affairs.  

  Each school shall examine proposed English-Taught courses in the line of discipline construction and teaching needs.
After the preliminary evaluation, approved graduate courses will be presented to the Graduate School, while approved
undergraduate courses will be presented to the Office of Teaching Affairs for final review. Every year, review will be conducted
twice by the“English-Taught Program Evaluation and Review Board” composed of specialists recommended by the
Graduate School, the Office of Teaching Affairs and the Office of International Cooperation.

  This program has been implemented seven times since its launch in 2013. A total of 238 teachers from 11 countries and
regions have been invited so far offering 127 courses through them.